ares noticias


ares noticias
The Schengen agreement on free movement of people and goods is suspended from 13/11 to 13/12.

The high level of alert due to yihadist threat on France, has oblied Paris to take an unprecedented measure during the Climate Summit (COP 21) that will be held from November 13rd to December 11st in the capital. Schengen Agreement will be suspended for one month, from November 13rd to December 13rd in all France borders, where passport controls will be restored. This measure predicts serious problems at the border with Spain, by which 20,000 trucks pass around daily.

These controls have different levels of intensity, depending on the police requirements relating to public safety, road and will have a significant involvement especially in the passage of the AP-7 from La Jonquera to Le Perthus.

Schengen countries are allowed to restore such controls by exceptional leaders summits, major events or unexpected problems. It is done from time to time in all countries. A few weeks ago, several Eastern and Central European countries did it due to the migration wave, which set off alarms of several

European leaders, who argued that eather the Schengen area was in danger and the sacred principle of free movement of people within the EU.