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January 2016
The arrival of MEGA-TRUCKS 60 tons and 25,5 meters

The Government published in BOE on Wednesday, December 23, the Order PRE / 2788/2015 of 18 December, Annex IX of the General Vehicle Regulations approved by Royal Decree 2822/1998 is modified, of 23 from December.
Of all the changes that had been shuffled in previous drafts, the Government has decided to approve the joint circulation of vehicles over six axes with a maximum weight of 60 tons and a length of 25.25 meters, discarding the increase MMA and length and height of existing sets.
The technical advances in the design of road transport vehicles and improving road infrastructure in Spain currently permit authorizing the movement of certain combinations of vehicles with a mass and higher than those generally established dimensions, thus improving the efficiency and safety in road transport and allowing a more competitive functioning of markets, as stated in the Plan of measures for growth, competitiveness and efficiency, approved by the Council of Ministers on June 6, 2014.
Numerous studies, some of which have been included in documents of the European Commission, have highlighted the potential benefits of the use of combinations of vehicles in euro-modular configuration, in terms of reducing the traffic of heavy vehicles, energy savings, lower emissions and lower costs in transport activity of great importance in the development of logistics chains.
Furthermore, in other European countries the application of this measure has been shown to not have a negative implication in traffic accidents but, on the contrary, reducing the number of vehicles in circulation needed to transport a given volume of loads it is produced a corresponding reduction in risk exposure and, therefore, the level of road safety is improved.
In the first place, you must obtain a special permit issued by the DGT (or traffic departments of Catalonia and Basque Country) where traffic conditions such transportation will be established.
Generic are as follows:
It shall be granted for more than 150 kilometers only.
These megatrailers preferably circulate on motorways, with maximum distances of 50 kilometers per conventional roads at the start or destination.
Dangerous goods may not be transported in mega-trucks and the maximum speed will be the same that governs the rest of the heavy transport. They may travel at 90 km / h on motorways and 80 km / h on conventional roads.
The trucks carry a mandatory warning signaling system for other road users, including light signals or rotating lights on all sides and long vehicle sign on the back with the identifying "XL" nomenclature most dimension.