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The future of trucks without drivers
In Japan because of the lack of truck drivers,they are pushing the technology to be leaders in the sector and to present it for the Olympic Games 2020

Japan has already set the ambitious project of trucks with autopilots to start in 2018. It wants to boost the sector due to the shortage of truck drivers and be the country itself, the developer of this new sector that will revolutionize the automotive market , According to the Nikkei newspaper.

The project is based on the concept of 'road trains', a grouping of automated vehicles that increases the capacity of the freeways or freeways.

The strategy is as follows: A vehicle in first position driven by a driver smoking, and the rest of trucks that form the expedition with an autopilot. These trucks would be able to accelerate, slow down, maintain safety distance, rotate and even identify and respect the traffic signals

All this project will start the state highway testing phase, with the intention of accelerating the process and to have a network of automatic trucks for the 2020 Olympic Games.