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What do the acronyms ADR stand for?
What do the acronyms ADR, which we usually see in the world of transport

The abbreviations ADR, correspond to the English words Agreement on Dangerous Goods by Road, translated into Spanish ADR stands for Transport Agreement of Dangerous Goods by Road.

The ADR is a European agreement that regulates the international transport of dangerous goods by road. Most European States have agreed on a set of common rules or rules for the transport of dangerous goods by road on their territory and for crossing borders. Complying with ADR means taking into account a number of important aspects when carrying dangerous goods.

In summary we can say that the ADR regulates:

- The substances that are considered dangerous and those that can be transported by road.

- The types of packaging and packaging that can be used.

- The labeling and signage of packages and vehicles.

- Documentation necessary to carry out this transport.

- Types of vehicles, special equipment and certificates.

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