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ares noticias
What is the CMR document?
Basic concepts of international transport

The CMR bill of lading confirms two facts:

- That the carrier has received the goods.
- That a contract has been concluded between the transport contracting company and the carrier.

The CMR document contains information regarding the subjects of right and object of the contract.

From the information contained in this, the most relevant would be:

- Date and place where the CMR was completed.
- Identification and address of the sender, the carrier and the consignee.
- Description of the goods transported and their packaging.
- Weight of goods.
- Instructions for customs and other formalities, such as information on the presence of dangerous goods.

Usually the CMR bearing document will consist of four copies:

- Copy of the sender.
- Copy to the recipient.
- Copy that will accompany the goods throughout their journey to their final destination.
- Copy of the administration.

It must be taken into account that the carrier will be responsible for the loss, damage or delay in the delivery, until the delivery of the goods, while the sender will have the responsibility linked to any damage or prejudice that the carrier may suffer as a result of The incorrectness in the data included in the CMR consignment note.